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dreamy, melodic
pretty, sad, honest and raw
this is  sugar snow



from boston, MA




take a listen to some new live tracks from BWAN in december! recorded by geoff chase, mixed and mastered by chuck pukmel.


what a success! black and white animal night raised nearly $1400 for kitty connection, a no-kill animal shelter based in malden, ma. big thanks to sam, jess, marie and all the folks at KC who worked tirelessly to make this work, and also to i, pistol and cancer killing gemini for teir scorching sets.


sincere apologies--we are unable to play at o'brien's this evening due to illness. :(


THANK YOU to the great crowd that attended ProjektFest '11 at the middle east downstairs. it was so much fun! you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWBCVqBb82g. A big thanks to anderson and everyone at projektfest, and mike and sophia of do not forsake me oh my darling for the video.


thank you to everyone at WMFO for the great fun playing live in the studio! we love "the lounge"!!


thank you kindly to michael marotta and boston accents on WFNX for playing "lowest part of your heart" tonight. i am geeking out all over the place.


sierra grille in northampton was a fantabulous time, as was sally o'brien's last night! mercy james trio and orange nichole were great, and seamus makes an excellent tanqueray and tonic.


the precinct show was so much fun! we had a blast with all you crazy kids. we debuted a new song "girl of a dream", which will be on the next CD. Work should begin in 2012!


we had a great time at the jam factory on saturday and at the faxon animal shelter benefit on sunday. didn't hurt to win the grand prize at the raffle, either. thus a great summer comes to an end, and a busy, exciting fall begins!


thanks to chuck pukmel for the mention in his very intelligent blog entry about the state of the music industry.


lots of cool stuff happening in sugar snow land! the fall is shaping up to be phenomenal, with the amazing SCRUFFY THE CAT reunion show and PROJEKTFEST '11! Also, planning has begun for our video, and it is going to be beautiful! stay tuned!

we are on twitter and tumblr! twitter@SugarSnowMusic and http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/sugarsnowmusicdotcom. aren't we hip and with it?

6.29.11--thank you to all who came to the red car records show at the somerville armory on saturday night! lots and lots of fun, and interestingly stripped down.

THIS FRIDAY is daniel's birthday bash at the cantab and we are READY! festive dress a must!!

6.4.2011--THANK YOU to everyone who came to the cantab last night. thanks to merrily and the poison orchard, the milling gowns and amber spyglass for the wonderful music. it was a truly wonderful night.

5. 25.2011--we are on evolvement radio on wxgr in portsmouth, nh this coming saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. thanks so much to michael, kristin and ben for having us. it was a lot of fun! listen here:


also, thanks in advance to john shea from WATD in marshfield, ma, for very kindly scheduling us to be on his pilot local music show, "almost famous"! we are thrilled to be a part of it. listen here:





lots of news to tell you!

firstly, thank you to everyone who came out for the zippah compilation CD release party! it was an interesting experience, crazy busy and really varied. thanks to brian and annie for including us. we heart you always.

and also, thanks to sadi and andrew from the jam factory in manchester, new hampshire,  for putting on a great show! and, as always, love to daniel ouellette for bringing us on the bill.

we have gotten some local airplay! "the dweezil show" on wmfo played "riven" saturday night (thanks, phil!) and "the farmer's mahket" on wmwm played "stay with me" on tuesday (thanks, john!)!! and we got a few reviews recently. check these out:



and this, from big takeover magazine:

Drifting echoes of dreamy pop from Boston. Very clean and solid songs that manage to push forwards and drift lightly at the same time. The guitar ventures into the paisley underground every now and again, adding a nice little edge of distortion into the soft curves of the music. Simone Berk’s vocals are strong and delicate, harmonizing nicely on occasion with David Armillotti’s background voice. Hints of Mazzy Star, perhaps, but a little more upbeat. There is definitely that sadness of truth that flows through the lyrics, but it’s a beautiful sadness. It’s like sugar snow summed up in two words. Beautifully Sad.          

we are so pleased that people are hearing us and liking us! it makes this awful, overcast and cold may week so much better!


thanks to everyone who came to the jam factory last night! and thanks to sadi khan, andrew the sound guy, the gray's, crimes in graceland and especially daniel ouellette and the shobijin.


check out this great and hilarious review by The Deli-New England of our CD!



we got a wonderful review in maverick (u.k.)!! 3 out of 4 stars!

Dreamy acoustic-styled pop is the most apt description of Sugar Snow’s self-titled debut album. The central figure in this four-piece Massachusetts’ band is Simone Berk, who has penned all nine songs and handles the achingly beautiful lead vocals. These songs are like short stories set to music and are designed to break your heart, or at the very least get you emotionally involved. Though most of the songs are slow haunting ballads, even with the more rhythmic Riven there’s a sad-tinge within the stunning harmonies, driving drums and strident electric guitar. Prettiest Middle of Nowhere is a haunting soundscape with delicate vocals and quality lyricism. A polished sound throughout, but with enough depth and edge to the lyrics to get you totally immersed in Sugar Snow.


read this excellent review of our cd from bill copeland music news!


SO MUCH GOOD STUFF HAPPENING! keep your eyes peeled for reviews in maverick (uk) and big takeover magazine!

GREAT NIGHT AT THE MIDDLE EAST! what a fun, fun show. the sound was amazing, the staff was so professional and the chicken skewers were skewerific. and we won over the youngsters who played after us.

AT THE VERY SAME TIME, WE WERE BEING PLAYED ON WFNX! the local music show, boston accents, played "stay with me" on the actual mainstream radio!! some members of the band were so excited, they actually jumped up and down. i'm not saying who, though.

thank you to justin at lasell college radio for having us on JM 2.0 LIVE! we had a great time and felt really, really old. invite us back anytime!


a huge thank you to EVERYONE at WMFO! we had so much fun doing "the lounge" with danny. thanks to everyone who tuned in all over the country, and for the hilarious phone calls. and, fyi, the answer to the trivia question is "spider".

you can listen to it here: http://soundcloud.com/italiano1980/sugar-snow-performance


please tune in to  tufts radio, WMFO, 91.5 THIS THURSDAY from 8-10. we will be on "the lounge" with danny, who has been a huge supporter of sugar snow! we'll be playing some acoustic songs, giving away tickets to our middle east show on march 13, autographed cds and t-shirts! we are taking over the airwaves, so listen in! online, you can hear it at http://wmfo.org


puh-leeze come out to lowell, ma tomorrow night to see us rock out at gemstones! we go on around 11, and it is going to be a wild night of music of all styles!


take a listen to the promo for our visit to "the lounge" with danny on wmfo on february 24. wicked cool!



this sunday, we will playing our first tt the bear's show ever! we are sharing the bill with big white clouds, the gulls and the lambs, which sounds like a glimpse of summer during this blizzard! come out and support us. the super bowl doesn't matter, but local music does!

we also want to share our big news: bill gliniecki has joined us as lead guitarist! bill and his telecaster fit right in, and adds a little touch of dirty rock/country to sugar snow. come see him play his first show with us at gemstones in lowell on february 18!


the cd release party was an amazing success! lots of friends, great music, and live nudes. thanks to melt, daniel ouellette and the shobijin and the liz borden band for celebrating with us!

we are doing an acoustic performance on january 30 at cole's tavern in franklin, ma. it is new england garage band's singer/songwriter night, and there are a ton of great people participating. and on february 6, we play on the side stage at tt the bear's with big white clouds and the gulls. lots of great stuff happening! stay tuned!


did i mention the cd release party? it is THIS FRIDAY, january 14 at precinct in somerville, ma. you must be there, if you know what's good for you. you will get an ass whoopin' if you don't, so make it easy on yourself! $8, four GREAT bands, a plethora of adorable people. In short, a perfect evening.


happy new year, sugar snowflakes!

the cd release party is in less than two weeks! this is going to be a FANTASTIC show! friday, january 14 at precinct in union square, somerville. $8 and doors open at 8. come out and support local music. this is a biggie!

thursday night at precinct in somerville! we are on at 9. Come hang out with us and listen to the debut of two new songs!
11. 27.10
the cd is out!
it is available here at our store or at our facebook store!!!!! and new women's t-shirts on the way!

production of the cd is almost done! we are already available for download in our store and on cdfreedom.com, with Itunes to come within the next few weeks. We are starting pre-sale of the cd in our store, too, so look for a special deal!!

our debut CD will be out within the next few weeks! check back here for pre-sale information! and make sure you join us for our CD RELEASE party on January 14!

we are lucky enough to have david armillotti (bass) and dan inzana from the band melt (guitar) playing with us. the stage will barely be able to contain the fabulous looks and phenomenal talent.

sadly, all the internal disagreements could not be resolved, and we have decided to end the band. hopeful that sugar snow will reappear in a new form, so stay tuned.

yes, we are recording, not just talking about it. on october 2, this suckah will be done, and we will be hosting our cd release party at the cantab in cambridge, ma. drag your cute little asses down there, , buy a cd, a t-shirt and an alcoholic beverage and party the sugar snow way. if you must stay home, everything will be available here at our very own store, and the music will be downloadable at bandcamp and itunes.